Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fusion Tires HD 2012 ( RDDev TEAM )


   Version : 1.0

Attending requests merged our mods (Vlasovas, zeno dyk), so everyone can enjoy the best tire work already done by two talented moders, with 12 different versions for greater variation never a mod was so complete


1 - one different wear, for each tire
2 - dry grass, rather than green
3 - Real Marbles Textures
4 - Light Glow reduced
5 - 24 choices to install
 2 types of stripes ( THICK, THIN ) 
 3 types of color ( DARK, CLEAR, STAINED )
 2 types of Wear ( LIGHT, HARD )
 2 types of Sidewalls With "R" Without "R"
6 - Sidewalls in HD 
7 - Cockpit Textures in HD
8 - Tyre blur improvement

Mod Made by vlasovas, zeno dyk ( RDDev TEAM )


God first!!

Warok, Ryder25, Reddvers, cr3ativ3, Silver BENZ, pmgl71, ENDR, Alex SF-1950, ML2166, La Plata, JukaDark, Johnny Dangerously, koeloe, MARSALA, Iljuha_Rus, Ryder25, Tom Endres

Install the mod with : Ryder Mod Manager





  1. very fast update thanks

    I waited this brilliant combination! Thanks!

    GOJITA is best RDDev TEAM !!

  2. good job thxxxxxxxxxx !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Is this an Update of PIRELLI TIRES FINAL Because I was wondering what is the differences to PIRELLI TIRES FINAL?!

    1. is a junction of my work with the work of another modder (Zeno DYK), there's "race department", the sides of these tires are in HD and so many users asked this junction

    2. Ok thanks and great Job!

  4. where is the tyre texture files man??
    btw great work

    1. the texture in itself is in this directory, you must have "PSSG editor" to open

      C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2012\cars\generics\f1

      if u refers to download

      well read the posting has links 4shared, uploaded and gamefront

      you will have to download the "ryder mod manager" to install too

      checked the links are on

    2. I just wanted to make the hard compound orange just like the 2013 pirelli tyres. If you could do that it could be great bcz I tried and I don't know how to do it

    3. in the folder C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ F1 2012 \ cars
      has the file "render materials.xml"

      The last part of the document has a field tyre_wall_colours

      there you edit each tire separately until you find the right color of each strip

      to tell you the truth I not even see the tires yet, of this year, and for a while I do not have played this game, so I did not make the model 2013


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